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Warehouseman companies are in the business of storing property for others for a fee. The goods that your warehouse stores may vary in value - and if something happens to them, you could be held liable. Much of the time, warehouse customers and organizations will be required to have insurance on their own contents. This is imperative for damages or losses that are not resulting from the inaction or actions of your business. Your company’s warehouse insurance is designed to cover losses that your business indirectly was the cause of. LMBF can start you with a free warehouse quote today and help you get started on your coverage.

What Warehouse Insurance Coverage Offers

Damages to Stored Goods

Damages to Stored Goods

Your warehouse insurance may cover your customer’s property if it is damaged due to insurable perils and/or as a result of your company’s negligence. If goods are damaged or destroyed due to your company’s actions, your warehouse insurance may help cover the costs.



Your warehouse insurance may include coverage for your company’s liability if it is accused of negligence causing loss or damages to stored goods. This may help cover legal expenses, settlement fees, and judgment awards.

Theft and Vandalism

Theft and Vandalism

Warehouses may be in the business of storing high-value goods, which are appealing for thieves. If your business is indirectly the cause of theft or vandalism to stored goods, your warehouse insurance may include coverage for the resulting losses.

  What freight and cargo insurance cover
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Negligence
  • Storm damage
  • Mismanagement
  What warehouse insurance do not cover
  • Losses or damages from insects and vermin
  • Criminal acts or acts of war
  • Rotting
  • Molding
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Breakage, scratching

What is warehouse legal liability insurance?

Warehouseman’s legal liability insurance, or warehouse insurance, is a policy that covers warehouse businesses for claims of negligence in its day-to-day operations. Warehouse insurance may also cover damages to a customer’s property as a result of the warehouse’s business operations. A standard warehouse insurance policy may include common perils such as fire, theft, and vandalism, but may also come in the form of all-risk coverage.

Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance for These Enterprises:

While the act of storing goods for a customer or separate entity may seem like a low risk occupation, warehouseman companies deal with the uncertainties of the goods being stored, a warehouse can be liable if goods are damaged or stolen as a result of their negligence or mismanagement. Warehouses are an integral component of the supply chain. The following business sectors and individual enterprises are just a few samplings of the various companies that may benefit from purchasing warehouseman’s legal liability insurance:
Education Industry

Education Industry

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Transportation Industry


  • Airlines
  • Freight road transportation
  • Courier companies
  • Railways
  • Trucking companies
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Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

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Wholesale Distribution Industry

Wholesale Distribution

  • Agricultural machinery wholesale
  • Audio and video equipment retailers
  • Bakery product wholesale merchants
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Professional Services Industry

Professional Services Industry

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Warehouses serve as an integral component of the supply chain and, if something were to happen to them, many businesses and customers would be left in a difficult spot. There are numerous large challenges that warehouse enterprises face, from omni-channel fulfillment, small orders, labour shortages, to even shrinking delivery timeframes. LMBF wants to ensure your warehouse get the peace of mind it deserves with coverage fitted to its requirements, and it does so by partnering with some of Canada’s top warehouse legal liability insurance carriers. Get a free quote today to see how easy it can be to get comprehensive, affordable insurance.

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Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance: Some Frequently Asked Questions

A: Warehouseman is a separate business sector that stores goods for others, whether that’s an individual or another organization, in exchange for compensation. Warehouseman enterprises face a wide range of risks depending on the customers’ goods in storage, the location of their warehouse, and more.

A: Warehouse insurance varies in cost, as is the case with any insurance policy, and is based on factors such as the physical location of your warehouse, if you own a chain of warehouses, number of employees, the nature of the goods you are storing, insurance history, business experience, and so on.

A: Business interruption is generally available as an added insurance option and a standard policy won’t always automatically include coverage for loss of income during a period of forced closure. However, if something does happen to your warehouse which forces you to temporarily shut down, business interruption insurance is highly recommended to cover any incurring costs during a period of downtime.

A: Assuming your warehouseman enterprise utilizes equipment like forklifts and similar machinery to transport stored goods, equipment breakdown is a vital insurance option to consider. Most standard policies will not automatically include equipment breakdown so it’s something worth bringing up with your provider.

A: Warehouses face numerous risks that you may not have otherwise been aware of, including short delivery timeframes, fragile goods, expensive or luxury items in storage, e-commerce, labour shortages, and geographical disasters. While insurance can’t solve all your issues, it can be there as a fallback if disaster does strike.

A: Warehouse legal liability insurance may not be mandatory for your business but is highly recommended given the potential damages, financial losses, or even lawsuits your enterprise could face if something goes wrong. You can, however, vet your clients by requiring them to carry goods-in-storage insurance for their property.