Media and Entertainment Insurance for Arcades, Theatres & More

What would we do without the media and entertainment industry? Too many of us live for the weekends when we can leave work and head straight to the movie theatres for the latest action flick. Unfortunately, the media and entertainment industry face risks like any other commercial enterprise. LMBF wants to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste and that you can continue offering your services without a hitch. Our media insurance brokers can help you find comprehensive entertainment insurance for less when you need it.

What Entertainment Insurance Covers

Property and Assets

Property and Assets

Your business wouldn’t be what it is today without its physical premises, equipment, or inventory. Commercial property insurance covers your business’ physical assets and property from common perils such as fire, vandalism, theft, natural disasters, and so on.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Many businesses in the entertainment industry offer services that bring joy to their customers’ lives. However, those services don’t come without risk. Your liability insurance may cover your business for unintentional injuries, property damage, and advertising injury should a claim be filed against your business.



In the event your business experiences a major loss which forces it to close its doors temporarily while repairs and restoration are being completed, business interruption insurance can reimburse your business for loss of revenue, ongoing wages, and employee payroll.

  What entertainment insurance covers
  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial property
  • Errors and omissions
  • Slips and falls
  • Unexpected accidents
  What entertainment insurance excludes
  • Wear and tear damages
  • Criminal activity
  • Employee dishonesty (without endorsement)
  • Undocumented income

What is entertainment insurance?

Entertainment insurance is a policy designed for businesses that offer entertainment services, such as arcades, bowling alleys, VR game companies, and so on. Depending on the coverage options chosen, it can cover a business’ physical property, their liability, interruptions, their staff, and so on. The entertainment industry offers a service that many of us would not even consider going without - and so they shouldn’t!

Types of Entertainment and Media Insurance Products

The entertainment industry offers a valued service for many individuals. Attending a business in the entertainment or media sector can be the highlight of someone’s day and many of these businesses help us to take our mind off the stresses of everyday life. LMBF wants to help secure your business by tailoring a unique media and entertainment insurance program to match your insurance requirements. Below are a list of some of the coverage options that may be available to your entertainment or media company. If you have any questions or are unsure about what coverage is best for your business, contact LMBF’s professional entertainment and media insurance brokers today.
Property Insurance

Commercial property

  • Physical property
  • Stored belongings
  • Contents
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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability

  • Negligence
  • Misinformation
  • Omissions
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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Liability
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Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption

  • Ongoing wages
  • Employee payroll
  • Bills
  • Rent
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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability

  • Bodily injury
  • Advertising injury
  • Property damage
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Cyber Insurance

Cyber liability

  • Data breach
  • Restoration costs
  • Liability
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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance

  • Extended liability
  • Advertising injury
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment breakdown

  • Unexpected breakdown
  • Machinery
  • Boilers
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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Workers’ compensation

  • Healthcare costs
  • Treatment
  • Medical bills
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Media Professional Liability

Media Professional Liability

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Film Production Insurance

Film production liability

  • Injuries
  • Damages
  • Libel and slander
  • Legal expenses
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Crime Insurance

Crime insurance

  • Fraud
  • Dishonest actions
  • Reputational injury
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Risk Management

Risk management

  • Strategies
  • Risk reduction
  • Mitigation
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Our Media and Entertainment Insurance partners

Media and entertainment companies see a lot of traffic in-and-out of their businesses daily. It can be a risky endeavor, depending on the services or products you offer - but you would do anything to prevent your hard work from going to waste. LMBF understands the necessity for comprehensive entertainment insurance and wants to help secure your peace of mind. Thanks to our top media and entertainment insurance partners, we’re confident enough to say that our plans are second-to-none and we can help you secure a free media and entertainment insurance quote when you need it.

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Media and Entertainment Insurance: Most Commonly Asked Questions

A: The cost of entertainment insurance varies, like any insurance policy. Your premiums will be lower or higher depending on the size of your entertainment or media company, your annual revenue, the staff you employ, your commercial property and its size, the service or product you offer, how many clients visit you daily, etc. Working with LMBF’s media insurance brokers is the best way to ensure affordable rates.

A: All kinds of businesses can benefit from media and entertainment insurance. Those include arcades, marketing companies, small film studios, theatres, bowling alleys, individual entertainers and comedians, sports entertainment, and so on.

A: Depending on the work the media company performs, ideally yes. Because of the publicity of media companies, a competing business, viewer, or third-party could make a claim against your media company alleging misinformation or slander. The nature of media companies is risky - but professional liability insurance can offer a backup in the event of a lawsuit.

A: Media insurance is recommended for even freelance videographers and photographers to protect their business as they move from job to job. This ensures that they have coverage in the event a client perceives an error in the job they have completed, or if the videographer or photographer was accidentally responsible for injury or damages.

A: Film production insurance is designed for media professionals who wish to produce a film within a certain period of time and require insurance to secure their assets, equipment, film tools, liability, venue, and more during the filming and production period. It may cover a film for costs associated with an unexpected interruption due to losses, injury, or illness.

A: Insurance is tailored to meet the needs of any one particular business depending on its coverage requirements, the annual or projected revenue it generates, the staff it employs, what it sells, and so on. An independent movie theatre faces risks, just like any other business - even if it’s not a part of a larger chain. It is highly recommended that even independent movie theatres acquire a base amount of coverage to sufficiently insure their operations.