Liability Insurance for Real Estate Agents & Organizations

The real estate sector deals in real property, whether that is the purchase, selling, renovation, improvement - and so on. It can include fixtures, roads, utility systems, buildings, and more. There are numerous types of real estate, all of which serve a unique purpose. Within the real estate industry exists development companies, sales and marketing companies, lenders, property managers, real estate agents, and more. Any business faces risks, and real estate enterprises are no exception. See how LMBF can protect your organization better with comprehensive real estate insurance.

What Real Estate Insurance Covers

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability

CGL, or commercial general liability, is the most common form of liability protection for businesses. This protection ensures you are covered in the event that a patron visiting your business property should injure themselves and sue you for the damages. These policies are designed to protect you for any ensuing lawsuit expenses, settlement fees, and so on.

Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Optional commercial property insurance covers any physical building that your company operates out of, whether that’s a leased office space or a full-scale, multi-story building. Insurable perils include fire, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and (location-depending) options flooding and earthquake insurance.



You may choose to include business interruption insurance in with your real estate insurance policy; this coverage protects you from any ongoing expenses and loss of revenue during a period of downtime as a result of an insurable loss, like a fire. Due to the mass amount of costs that can come with an unexpected closure, many businesses cannot afford to reopen following a loss without coverage like business interruption.

  What real estate insurance covers
  • Errors and omissions
  • Commercial liability
  • Commercial property
  • Unexpected events
  What real estate insurance excludes
  • Undocumented income
  • Intentional damages
  • Gradual wear and tear
  • Criminal activities

What does real estate insurance cover?

Your real estate insurance policy can be tailored depending on what is the most ideal level of coverage for your operation. Your package may include standard general liability, professional liability, commercial property - just to name a few, but it all depends on your company’s needs. Discuss with LMBF’s real estate insurance experts to help find a package that is best for your business, with a price tag that works within your budget.

Types of Real Estate Insurance Products

While making a claim is no fun for anyone involved, it could happen. If it ever does, it is best to have an understanding of what you are covered for. Below are several samplings of some of the coverage you may wish to include with your real estate insurance package. Depending on your location and provider, some options may or may not be available to you. If you are ever unsure about what coverage you need, discuss with an LMBF insurance expert to find the best real estate insurance for your business.
Wrap-up liability insurance

Wrap-up liability insurance

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Property Insurance

Commercial property

  • Physical property
  • Stored belongings
  • Contents
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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability

  • Negligence
  • Misinformation
  • Omissions
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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Liability
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Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption

  • Ongoing wages
  • Employee payroll
  • Bills
  • Rent
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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability

  • Bodily injury
  • Advertising injury
  • Property damage
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Cyber Insurance

Cyber liability

  • Data breach
  • Restoration costs
  • Liability
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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance

  • Extended liability
  • Advertising injury
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment breakdown

  • Unexpected breakdown
  • Machinery
  • Boilers
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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Workers’ compensation

  • Healthcare costs
  • Treatment
  • Medical bills
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Crime Insurance

Crime insurance

  • Fraud
  • Dishonest actions
  • Reputational injury
More info
Risk Management

Risk management

  • Strategies
  • Risk reduction
  • Mitigation
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Our Real Estate Insurance partners

LMBF partners with only the best to help you get comprehensive real estate insurance that you deserve. Our experts understand the needs of real estate companies, agents, property managers, and other professionals and want to ensure that the package you get is the one that gives you the most peace of mind. We are confident that our selection of partners will allow us to freely select an ideal level of coverage for your company. Get started with a free real estate insurance quote today and start on your coverage with LMBF.

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Liability Insurance for Real Estate Agents: FAQs

A: In many cases, or depending on where you live, you may be required as a real estate agent to carry insurance. Because real estate agents offer advice, they may need to provide proof of professional liability insurance before they can take on any clients. Even if insurance is not required where you are, it is still highly recommended to protect your business’ bottom line.

A: Errors and omissions insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, covers businesses from claims of misinformation, negligence, or omitting crucial information resulting in financial or asset loss. If a client sues you as a result of a perceived error or omission in the service you provide, the lawsuit costs can be astronomical - even if you did nothing wrong. Errors and omissions insurance can cover any costs related to a lawsuit.

A: Errors and omissions insurance does not have an average cost or a single price tag but, instead, is calculated based on your business. How large is your real estate company? What is your projected annual revenue? How much experience do you have in the industry? Insurance history, staff team, and how many clients visit you daily will all be calculated into your premiums.

A: It depends! Every business needs a different amount of coverage depending on the risks they face, and every real estate company works differently. If you have a physical property, use equipment daily, have a large team of staff, etc. - will all be impacting factors on the amount of coverage you require. If you need any advice on what coverage is best for your business, discuss with an LMBF commercial insurance broker.

A: If your business uses equipment to perform daily tasks, you may benefit from adding equipment breakdown insurance to your policy. Commercial property insurance includes coverage for the contents of your building but it may be limited, thus the necessity for additional coverage. Equipment breakdown may include coverage for machinery, boilers, and other tools.

A: Although you can find affordable options for real estate insurance with LMBF, we would never advise that you opt for the “cheapest” policy. Instead, we help you find comprehensive real estate insurance that fits within your budget without needing to slash critical coverage.