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Jewelers and similar enterprises offer unique and high-value products, whether that’s arts, antiques, jewelery, or other wares. Businesses that offer goods like jewelery stock face the risk of theft, vandalism, or even damages and losses to the goods they manufacture, repair, and distribute. LMBF is a specialist when you need a broad range of coverages to choose from as a jeweler and wants to ensure your business can operate without worry. Enter jewelers insurance - a coverage solution designed for protecting you, your inventory, and your business. We can customize our policies to help ensure your specific business for any and all risks it faces. Get a free jewelers insurance quote today and see how easy great protection can be.

What Jewelers Insurance Covers

Jewelry Stock

Jewelry Stock

Your jeweler’s insurance may include coverage for your jewelry stock, including raw materials and parts for doing repairs and manufacturing, related inventory, findings, and any property of others in your jewelry business.

Third-Party Liability

Third-Party Liability

Your business may see customers in and out daily, which means there’s always the risk of someone tripping and falling and suing you for their injuries. Third-party liability covers property damage and bodily injury claims.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption

You may choose to include business interruption insurance as an optional coverage, which provides you with coverage in the event of an insurable loss where your business is forced to temporarily close its doors and includes reimbursement for necessary ongoing expenses.

  What jewelers block insurance covers
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting
  • Damages
  • Losses
  • Vandalism
  What jewelers block insurance excludes
  • Undocumented income
  • Illegal goods

What is jewelers block insurance?

Jewelers block insurance is an insurance package designed to protect speciality businesses, whether they are retailers, manufacturers, appraisers, wholesalers, or even bench jewelers. Business insurance for jewelers is tailored to protecting companies’ inventories and businesses from events such as theft and vandalism, accidental damages to customers’ property and goods, and may even contain liability coverage for claims of bodily injury or property damage.

Jewelers Insurance for These Business Sectors:

It takes a special kind of business to handle high-value goods like jewelery, fine arts, collectibles, or other materials. Whether you do the manufacturing, the distribution or sales, the repairs and restoration, or even just the storing of these goods, you face a wide range of risks due to the nature of the product you are dealing with. LMBF wants you to have the peace of mind to continue operations as per usual. Jewelers insurance is designed for the following enterprises and business sectors:

Our Jewelers Block Insurance Partners

LMBF’s values align with upholding the highest industry standard possible, developing relationships with our clients that make a positive difference, and always ensuring that your enterprise has the coverage it needs to conduct business with confidence. Thanks to our jewelers insurance partners, we can make this a reality. Get great protection from any of our top carriers and start today on a free quote. See for yourself how easy getting comprehensive jewelers insurance can be.

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Business Insurance for Jewelers: Frequently Asked Questions

A: Businesses that manufacture, sell, or repair jewelry, fine arts, antiques, or collectibles may benefit from jewelers insurance. In addition, any company that offers galleries may require jewelers insurance, as well as retailers and wholesalers companies that deal in the distribution and sales of high-value products.

A: Jewelers block insurance was initially coined by Lloyd’s of London in the late 1880s by a diamond tradesperson. The term “block” likely comes about from the 19th-century French term “en bloc” - which translates to “all in one,” i.e, an insurance solution for jewelers all under a single package.

A: The options you choose for jewelers insurance are based on your provider and premises, as well as the stock you manufacture, but it may include options for business interruption, umbrella liability, cargo insurance (if you do shipments), commercial property, commercial auto insurance, and more. Ask your provider if you are unsure as to what options are available to you.

A: Burglary and theft are big risks for jewelers, provided the nature of the stock they keep. If your enterprise specializes in repairs or restoration, there’s also the risk of damage to customers’ property or doing a poor job of repairs which results in the customer filing a liability claim against your business for negligence.

A: No, like many insurance policies jewelers insurance is only a recommendation - but a strong recommendation at that, as jewelers and specialty businesses that sell, distribute, manufacture, or repair high-value goods face a wide range of exposures daily, from theft to mismanagement.

A: Jewelers insurance is a recommended purchase because, as a jeweler, you deal with the distribution, manufacturing, or repairs of high-value goods that could be at-risk of theft or accidental damages. By nature, these goods are expensive to replace, so it’s always in your best interest to ensure there’s a backup if something should go awry.