Media Professional Liability for New Media & Digital Professionals

Any professional who offers a service or advice is at risk of being sued due to perceived negligence or failure to provide a promised service resulting in loss. Unfortunately, they very real nature of running a business is that no matter how good you are, or no matter how close you are with your clients, disappointed or unhappy clients are a fact of life. With the rise of digital media, there comes the added complexity of intellectual property issues. Having media professional liability insurance is a must to ensure your business can keep its doors open for years to come, even if an extensive legal event does occur.

What Media Professional Liability Insurance Covers

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement

With the rise of digital media, there have been some complications surrounding intellectual property. If you are accused of copyright infringement after delivering a finished product to a client, your media professional liability insurance may cover your legal costs.

Incorrect Information

Incorrect Information

Your media professional liability insurance may cover the costs of defending yourself against accusations that you have provided incorrect information in your services or produced contact that contained a mistake.



If a client has sued you for financial loss as a result of negligent actions, whether alleged or not, your media professional liability insurance can help cover the cost of a lawsuit, including settlement fees, defense costs, etc.

  What media professional liability covers
  • Development errors
  • Incorrect information
  • Negligence
  • Failure to provide a service
  • Infringement of intellectual property
  What media professional liability excludes
  • Physical damages
  • Criminal actions
  • Foreseeable acts
  • Fraud and dishonesty

What is media professional liability insurance?

Media professional liability insurance is professional liability designed for digital media designers, programmers, content writers, market researchers, and other media professions from claims of negligence, misinformation, errors, omissions, and more. Media professional liability includes coverage if a client sues you for financial loss as a result of any of the listed claims and can cover legal expenses, defense costs, and settlement fees - whether or not the allegations filed against you were true.

Media Professional Liability for These Business Sectors:

What would happen if a dissatisfied client were to sue you unexpectedly for financial loss as a result of your actions - or even inactions? Lawsuits can be astronomical, and many media enterprises - small or large - lack the financial muscle necessary to spring back. Your media professional liability insurance may very well be the thing that keeps you on your feet for years to come. See below for some examples of the various business industries and individual enterprises that may benefit from media professional liability insurance.
Entertainment Industry


  • Bowling alleys
  • Amusement parks
  • Theatres
  • Arcades
  • Minigolf
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Media Professional Liability Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

A: Coverage amounts will vary depending on your provider, but it is generally recommended that your business acquire at least $1 million as a bare minimum. Beyond that, it depends on your business. Discuss with LMBF’s media professional liability insurance experts to determine your enterprise’s coverage needs.

A: Exclusions for media professional liability will vary depending on your policy’s exact wording and your provider, but you can expect that most standard policies will exclude deliberate actions such as dishonesty and fraud or foreseeable acts. You must inform your insurer the moment you are aware of an incident that could lead to a claim.

A: The cost of your media professional liability insurance largely depends on your business. A large determining factor is the level of protection you choose - whether that’s $1 million or $5 million. In addition, factors like your business’ industry, insurance history, physical location, service offered, years of experience, employees, and the nature of your work will play a part in how much you will pay for your media professional liability insurance.

A: In most scenarios, your media professional liability insurance will cover you for accusations of copyright infringement. As an example, if you worked as a designer and produced a logo for a client that closely resembled the logo of another company, you might find yourself having to defend your business in court. In this case, your media professional liability insurance would help cover your legal costs.

A: A wide range of different digital and media professionals require media professional liability insurance. These include (but are not limited to) graphic designers, content and copywriters, advertising consultants, event organizers, editors, market researchers, website marketers, public relations consultants, and interior designers.

A: While it may not be regulated by a governing body to carry media professional liability insurance, you might find that clients will refuse to work with you unless you are insured. Moreover, it is highly recommended you carry media professional liability insurance regardless as it can save your business from potentially devastating lawsuit expenses due to claims of negligence, error, misinformation, and so on.