LMBF Provides Umbrella Insurance in Canada for Extra Coverage

Unfortunately, the very real nature of lawsuits is that they’re increasing in cost. For many businesses, this can spell disaster. Without adequate coverage, a business would have to foot the bill alone for any lawsuit expenses arising out of liability claims such as property damage, bodily injury, or prsonal damage. While your CGL is designed to cover lawsuit expenses from claims such as these, you may very well encounter a lawsuit larger than your limits have the capacity to handle. Enter umbrella insurance. LMBF can help your business determine an adequate amount of coverage for your business to ensure you have that extra layer of protection you need.

What Umbrella Liability Insurance Covers

Excess Bodily Injury

Excess Bodily Injury

If your business is held responsible for bodily injury to a customer or a third-party, the excess costs not covered by your liability insurance may be covered by your umbrella liability insurance.

Excess Property Damage

Excess Property Damage

If your business operations result in property damage to a client or third-party, the excess costs not covered by your liability insurance may be covered by your umbrella liability insurance.

Settlement Fees

Settlement Fees

If your business is accused of bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury and the lawsuit settlement fee extends beyond what your CGL insurance can cover, your umbrella insurance policy may kick in to cover the remaining settlement costs.

  What umbrella insurance covers
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Lawsuit expenses
  • Personal injury
  • Defense costs
  What umbrella insurance excludes
  • Physical damages ad losses
  • Criminnal actions
  • Intentional actions
  • Existing policy exclusions
  • Claims beyond limits

What is umbrella liability insurance?

Consider: your business is faced with a lawsuit alleging damages arising due to its operations. Your business has CGL coverage, but the lawsuit extends beyond your existing policy’s limits. Without extra liability, you could risk going down for good. Umbrella liability insurance is purchased to extend your policy’s existing coverage and kicks in if a lawsuit you face ends up going beyond what your coverage would ordinarily insure you for.

Umbrella Liability Insurance for the Following Business Sectors

Umbrella insurance in Canada has the capacity to buffer any individual business’ existing CGL insurance, no matter the size or industry. Umbrella liability insurance is designed to extend your business’ existing liability coverage to offer effective protection against larger losses and may even serve to blanket any existing gaps in your insurance. Any business can purchase an umbrella liability insurance policy. See below for an example of some of the industries and specific businesses that may benefit from this insurance.
Financial Industry


  • Commercial banks
  • Insurance brokerages
  • Financial advisors
  • Accountants & bookkeepers
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Real Estate Industry

Real Estate

  • Estate agents
  • Real estate developers
  • Property management
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Construction Industry


  • HVAC construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Residential construction
  • Demolition
  • Electrical installers
  • Highway construction
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Maintenance Industry

Personal Services

  • Garage repair shops
  • Autobody stores
  • Auto servicing
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Education Industry


  • Online courses
  • Driving schools
  • Primary education
  • Universities
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Manufacturing Industry


  • Metal manufacturers
  • Autobody part manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Food manufacturers
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Transportation Industry


  • Airlines
  • Freight road transportation
  • Courier companies
  • Railways
  • Trucking companies
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Organizations Industry

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  • Chairities
  • Organizations
  • Fundraisers
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Agriculture Industry


  • Hobby farms
  • Commercial farms
  • Beef farms
  • CBD plantations
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Entertainment Industry


  • Bowling alleys
  • Amusement parks
  • Theatres
  • Arcades
  • Minigolf
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Healthcare Industry


  • Occupational therapists
  • Counselors
  • Massage therapists
  • Dentists
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Retail Industry

Retail Industry

  • Liquor retail
  • Grocery retailing
  • Furniture retailing
  • Garden supplies retailing
  • Auto parts retailers
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Hospitality Industry


  • Hotels and motels
  • Travel agents
  • Lodging agencies
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Publishing Industry


  • Printers
  • Publishers
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Personal Care Industry

Personal Care

  • Hair salons
  • Weight loss services
  • Nail spas
  • Dry cleaners
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Wholesale Distribution Industry

Wholesale distribution

  • Agricultural machinery wholesale
  • Audio and video equipment retailers
  • Bakery product wholesale merchants
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Professional Services Industry

Professional Services Industry

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Our Umbrella Insurance Partners in Canada

Umbrella liability insurance is a beneficial purchase for any business that is concerned about the extent of its existing CGL insurance or faces an especially high risk of a liability claim. As good as you are, you never know what might happen. LMBF has partnered with some of Canada’s top umbrella insurance providers to secure any potential gaps in your coverage, extend your liability limits, and ensure your peace of mind.

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Umbrella Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

A: Umbrella liability insurance is designed to cover excess liability expenses arising from a lawsuit where your existing CGL insurance may fall short. While it won’t cover any excess repair or restoration costs for property losses, it may supplement your existing CGL insurance if your business is faced with a lofty lawsuit resulting from a claim arising out of property damage your business’ operations caused.

A: Umbrella insurance is a slight added cost compared to that of a full business owner’s policy or CGL plan, ranging depending on a business’s individual risk factors like its size and industry, products and/or services, staff team, physical location, and more. Umbrella insurance will also range in cost per million dollars of added coverage you purchase.

A: Compared to some other commercial policies, commercial umbrella insurance is really only a slight added cost. However, you can save by opting to pay your entire premium upfront for the year (as many providers will offer a discount for this practice) or you can proactively take any necessary measures to reduce your risk, such as offering rigorous employee training programs, developing a security system, and thoroughly minimizing hazards on business premises.

A: No, umbrella liability insurance is an added insurance policy intended to extend the limits of existing CGL policies. It isn’t required, but depending on the risk factor of your business and/or industry it is highly recommended. Discuss with your broker if you are considering the purchase of an umbrella liability insurance policy.

A: You’ll have to carry a pre-existing CGL insurance policy to purchase umbrella insurance as umbrella insurance is an extension, not a standalone policy. You can then purchase umbrella insurance through a brokerage like LMBF. We can help you determine your exact coverage needs, how much umbrella insurance you need, and help you find quotes from top-rated insurance carriers in Canada.

A: Umbrella insurance is highly advised for businesses that want an added layer of protection against potentially catastrophic losses. It exists as an extension on top of already valid business insurance policies and can protect businesses of all sizes and industries. You may need an umbrella insurance policy if your business is open to the public regularly, if you have employees that work on personal property, or your industry puts you at an unusually high risk of a lawsuit.